Friday, September 01, 2006

The Holidays are Coming

What does a guy like me do on all these religious holidays. Sure, I changed my name to Calev Ben-David so I could finally have that "I fit in" feeling. But now I feel like a fool. My compatriot Jewish Israelis are just bunch of crooks. I am sure that if you took a poll of irreligious, Ashkenazi intelectual Israeli and asked them if that are happy that the were born Jewish in Israel and are never planning on emigrating under any circumstances. Big shock on the results. In fact a very small percentage would answer in a patriotic manner. Another poll question, "If you were born Jewish in New York, Miami, or Los Angeles would you immigrate to Israel the first chance that you had?"..... maybe less than one percent would answer affirmative on that one. So, in essence, what do I have in common with these people?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exposing Chamish and Rutstein for identity theft!

September 05, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


please get those two little crooks arrested!

September 06, 2006  
Anonymous david rutstein said...

I am a stupid retarded lying asshole who stole Calev's identity!

I also run assorted pharmaceutical scams.

September 07, 2006  
Anonymous David ben Ariel said...

Put Rutstein and Chamish behind bars!

September 08, 2006  
Anonymous Clifford Shack said...

Barry Chamish and David Rutstein are running pharmaceutical scams out of Florida. The FBI is looking for them for questioning and for identity theft.

September 10, 2006  
Anonymous barry chamish said...

We love Barry!

Hey folks. Need a great lecturer to come out to your church, mosque, space ship, or midnight torch parade of Holocaust Deniers?

Why not invite Israel's most exciting speaker – Barry Chamish. Why waste your time listening to speakers who tell the truth and have facts? Chamish will take time off from his investigating UFO abductions to invent some new infantile conspiracy theories special for you!

He is today America's leading homeless conspiracy nut! Can dozens of neo-nazi web magazines all be wrong about him?

So what if he is illiterate and unemployed! So what if he is a bit tipsy! Well, ok, not just a bit. So what if he is into "Jews for Jesus", while insisting that all real Rabbis worship Shabbtai Zevi! So what if he has never written a single truthful article! He will speak to your group, for cheap. Might even conspiracize for food!

So invite the Chamish to YOUR asylum today to give a nice lecture. You can contact him at

And remember – bring your own swastika!

September 11, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Important message about the operator of this site:

September 12, 2006  
Anonymous david rutstein said...

What Barry is up to:

September 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chamish's swastika adventures:

September 17, 2006  
Blogger barry chamish said...

David Rutstein is mentally retarded and a wanted criminal and con man.

September 18, 2006  

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