Sunday, January 14, 2007

I am contacting Israeli government officials

Hey Guys, I am telling them that it is not such a great idea to have the killers of Yitzhak Rabin walking around free. As well, the vast majority of the "informed" Israeli public knows of the fraud. Of course, this issue is still banned on government media but thanks to the internet most people know. So I am telling these idiots that it is better to just be honest. Here are some phone numbers. Maybe you'll be more successfull than me.

Press office of the Israeli government
Director: Daniel Seaman Tel. 02-500 7502 cellular 050-620 5240
Ministry of Foreign Affairs office 02-530 3111 (nice guy)

Acting Spokesman: Mark Regev telephone 02-530 3343 (not very cooperative)

Prime Minister's OfficeForeign Press Coordinator: David Baker telephone 02- 677 3649 cellular 050-620 5061 (very nasty)

Israel Defense ForcesIDF Spokeswoman: Captain Noa Meir telephone 03- 608 0236
Senior IDF

Spokesman: Col. Olivier Rafowicz cellular telephone 054-798 4785 (speaks multiple languages) IDF

Spokesman: Lt. Eli Ovitz telephone 054-630 0375

Israeli PoliceSpokesman: Inspector Micky Rosenfeld cellular 050-627 5870 (nice guy)

Jennifer Packer: 054-698 8573 my boss